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Notarial will
Protection mandate


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Do you need advice to draft your will and protect your loved ones in case of incapacity?

Notarial will


Your notary is clearly the best-qualified professional to help you prepare your will and plan your succession. Who are your heirs and what will be the share of your inheritance for each one? Who will be responsible for settling your estate? Who will act as a tutor for any minor child? How to proceed with the transfer and management of your business? Your notary will help you make informed choices and will explain all legal and judicial implications. He will answer all your questions and make sure to phrase your wishes clearly.


A notarial will is a precious document both for you and your heirs. Your notarial will is always protected. It cannot be destroyed, altered or modified. If, on the contrary, your will has not been prepared by a notary, it will have to be probated by a notary or by the court . This requirement will incur some delays for the settlement of the estate and some costs higher than the ones incurred for the preparation of a will by your notary. And if you do not have any will, then the law will determine your heirs and the share of your inheritance for each one.


If you want to make sure your wishes will be respected, contact your notary at Dumais & Giard for the preparation of your will.


Protection mandate


Your notary can also advise you for the preparation of a protection mandate adapted to your needs and your family context. A protection mandate, formerly called mandate in case of incapacity, will protect your interests and those of your family if your health makes you unable to take any decisions or act by yourself. The protection mandate allows you to designate one or several persons to take decisions on your behalf, express your wishes on the decisions which have to be taken and plan any instructions according to your situation if you are unable to do so someday.


This is an important document which deserves to be prepared with careful planning and drafted with the help of your notary. A protection mandate allows you to avoid that a person you have not chosen, or the Curateur public du Québec, takes care of you when you will not be able to do so.


Contact your notary at Dumais & Giard. He will help you prepare these documents and make sure to phrase your wishes in a clear and precise manner.