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Settlement of an estate
Probate of will
Will search
Declaration of transmission
Declaration of heredity
Request for a death certificate
Appointment of a liquidator
Renunciation of a succession
Inventory of the property
Rendering of account


Mtre Geneviève Godin

Mtre Josianne Gelfusa

Mtre Dany Alwan

Assignees of the records
of the following notaries:

Sukran Aydik
Évelyne Denis
Claude Dumais
Christian Giard
Richard Hébert
Wissam Itani
Jaime Lerakis
Benoit M. Leroux
Noël Payeur
Serge Robinette
Francine Saint-Jacques

We can assist you through this difficult time by providing guidance throughout the estate settlement process.

The loss of a loved one is a very troubling and destabilizing situation. It often occurs that these unhappy times uncover ancient grudges and difficulties that even the deceased could not have foreseen. Your notary can help you go through this difficult time and provide guidance throughout every step to make sure the requirements of the Civil Code of Quebec are respected while protecting yourself and the heirs from any legal consequences of any error or omission.


The liquidation of a succession is a complex exercise which raises many questions. Did the deceased leave a notarial will? If not, is there a holograh or witnessed will? How to proceed to probate the will? Who will have to pay for the funerals? Who is responsible for the debts of the deceased? Is the succession solvent? Should we proceed to a renunciation? What are the duties and obligations of the liquidator? What are the steps to be undertaken in fiscal matters? What are the following steps?


Our professionals can assist you through the various steps of the settlement of an estate, from the will search to the complete settlement of an estate.


Contact one of our professionals to guide you through this heavy responsibility and have peace of mind throughout the entire process.