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Are you concerned about making a real estate transaction in complete security?

Your notary’s training makes him or her the undisputed expert in real estate law. He works with you on preparing the offer to purchase the property you wish to buy. This offer binds the parties in a clear and precise legal framework which will avert any problems. Since each transaction is different, your notary advises you on any specificity of your transaction. He also advises you on specific conditions to include in the offer to purchase a house, condo unit, piece of land, chalet, duplex or an income property.


Your notary at Dumais & Giard lends an attentive ear to answer all your questions and advise you during negotiations. Once the offer is accepted, he makes sure that all conditions specified in the promise to purchase are respected. He prepares all documents for the transfer of the property and makes sure that the current proprietor’s deeds of ownership are legally in order. He collects the necessary amounts from the financing or down payment made by the buyer and deposits this money in his trust account. Your notary makes sure that any identified problem be settled before the signature in order to protect your interests. Finally, the deed of sale signed in his presence binds the parties and assures them that the real estate transaction has taken place as it should. Consult your notary for the purchase or sale of a property worry-free!


Your notary can also guide you through the conversion of an immovable to divided co-ownership as long as the apartments are all occupied by undivided joint owners. He will take care of all required procedures and all legal documents including the declaration of co-ownership. Since the conversion process is complex, consult your notary at Dumais & Giard in order to avoid any subsequent problem after the conversion.